Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Crown Royal Quilt Fit For A King

This is a quilt that I made for a friend. It is only the second quilt that I have made. It took me about a year and a half to complete. Just yesterday I found out that it was saved from a horrible RV fire.

For the quilt top, I started with two king sized sheets and well over 100 crown royal bags. I pre washed everything just to be sure. It was a good thing because all that flannel turned my washer purple! Then I cut all the backs and draw chords off the bags. Thankfully the sheets have a plaid pattern printed on them. I used the plaid to line up the bags nice and straight. As I stitched the bags down I left their tops open so that I could put a few handfuls of poly stuffing in each one. Then I just topstitched the bags shut.

At this point with the top done I made the quilt sandwich. I put the second king sized sheet on the floor face down. Then I spread out the thinnest polyester batting that I could find. Next I spread out the quilt top face up. Starting in the center I used safety pins to hold everything together.

Now it wast time to quilt all the layers together. At the top of each bag I used yellow yarn to create a bow like the original bag had. I would have used the original ties but they were too thick to sew through the quilt. After each bag had it's own little bow I stitched the edges of the quilt together and trimmed off all the extra fabric and batting leaving 1" all the way around. To finish the quilt I used 1" wide prepackaged cotton blanket binding in a golden yellow color.


  1. I have no idea what Crown Royal Bags are, but 100 of them, stuffed, lined, and quilted is a pretty amazing feat.
    I'll bet it was lovely and warm!
    Sorry about the RV fire - hope there was a lot more saved and no one hurt.

  2. hahahaha, that is the most unique quilt I have ever seen, and for someone who drinks crown royal, what an incredible gift. I know people who collect and covet their purple bags, lol, very very good job :)